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Orion Battery Management System (BMS)

The Orion BMS implements an extensive list of features designed to protect the battery pack. These features include:

  • State of charge calculations.

  • Cell over-voltage and under-voltage protection.

  • Intelligent battery balancing (passive).

  • Battery charger control.

  • Pack temperature monitoring.

  • Monitors health of battery pack.

Cells are protected from over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, and under-temperature based on the programmed minimum and maximum values in the battery profile.

Intelligent, efficient cell by cell balancing is provided to maximize the usable range of the battery. The BMS also monitors the health of both individual cells and the total pack and will trigger error trouble codes if either the pack or individual cells are in poor health.

​Quick Specifications:

  • Capable of measuring up to 180 cells connected in series based on configuration depending on the enclosure size (smaller enclosure measures up to 108 cells).

  • Configurations available in increments of 12 cells in series.

  • Centralized design provides high EMI and noise immunity.

  • Performs intelligent cell balancing (passive).

  • Calculates state of charge (SOC).

  • Uses professional automotive-grade locking connectors.

  • Calculates discharge current limit (DCL) and charge current limit (CCL).

  • Can measure cell voltages between 0.5v and 5.0v.

  • Dual (x2) CANBUS 2.0B interfaces (fully programmable).

  • OBD2 diagnostic protocol support.

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