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  • What kind of car can I convert?

    Any car can be converted to an electric vehicle, however you do need to consider the weight of the car, the range required, the size of the car and the purpose of the car. Of course the money you wish to spend on your conversion will also determine what you will end up converting.

  • What happens if I run out of power?

    Simply put, you plug in. Our car conversions come standard with a 15amp plug so you can simply plug in at home. 

    Also available are adapters that allow you to plug into the charging network in Australia for the various different types of plug. (At an additional cost)

  • Are all batteries the same?

    At Oz DIY we use LiFePo batteries. This is after extensive research into battery technology and some trial and error in our early days. We have found that these batteries work the best with the kind of power output required to run a car.

  • Can I put solar panels on my car?

    Solar panels are a great source of free or cheap electricity. Charging your car using solar power makes sense and we certainly encourage anyone to install solar to help with the cost of their "fuel". Placing solar panels on top of your car however, whilst a small amount of charge will be replaced, it would take a long time for a car to fully charge the battery "tank". 

  • Can I generate electricity using wind whilst driving?

    Wind turbines are another way of making electricity. We do not recommend you mount one on your car, as the resistance created would mean that you would use more power than you generate. 

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