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OZ-DIY Electric Vehicles
The Car Conversion Experts



Oz-DIY Electric Vehicles was created to help YOU build your own, it's in our name and it's in our blood. Sometimes large projects can feel overwhelming and to even find a starting point is hard. 

This is why Graeme now runs classes to teach you the basic skills to do your own Electric Vehicle Conversion. The aim of this course is to give you an overview of what is involved in making your own car, from choosing a donor car, to what components to choose, to wiring and government guidelines. Learn everything we know about electric conversions to make your next project easy. 


Included in your classes are: 

  • Course notes

  • Insights into various conversion methods

  • Afternoon Tea - please advise dietary needs

  • Workshop Tour

  • A copy of the National Code of Practice Document 14

  • After Course Networking and extra questioning time on the day of your course

  • Face to face QnA time - 1 hour for attendees only

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