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Batrium Battery Management System (BMS)


Batrium Battery Management Systems are an Australian Company who developed their BMS out of frustration of not finding a good quality and affordable system for their electric car conversion. 

Batrium sell a range of lithium battery monitoring modules that have been designed, manufactured and tested by Batrium. 

Batrium BMS.png


  • configurable to suit LiFePO4, Lithium-Ion or custom chemistry

  • With distributed cellmonitors capable of 28 Ah/day balancing adjustment for each cell 

  • user configurable presets and controls

  • Link to Shuntmon with 500A or 1000A power rating

  • Easy to use pluggable screw-terminal connectors.

  • Configurable 2 inputs and 2 outputs (i.e. remote circuit breaker trip, contactor or fan)

  • Additional inputs/outputs via ExpansionBoard purchased separately

  • data logging of key metrics for 10 years

  • Clock with backup battery

  • firmware upgrades via USB

Remote Communication

  • WiFi connectivity (normal, disabled, or read only)

  • Opto-Insulated CAN bus to remote charger/inverter equipment

  • future feature to connecting to cloud portal via MQTT (secure link).


Power Input

  • Built-in 8v to 65v DC-DC supply

  • handle automotive transients

  • consumes with WiFi enabled ~1.7W (Typical 48v battery budget 1Ah/day)

BMS Management Computer Screen.png